Let the Gangnam Hit the Floor AMV Contest Entry )-003:40

Let the Gangnam Hit the Floor AMV Contest Entry )-0

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Gangnam kart sexy circuit

Gangnam Kart Sexy Circuit

RosalinaSama is an internet user renowned for quality Gangnam Style related humour, including mashups, videos and tweets 

Intrestingly enough, her birthday is on the Gangnam Style upload date: 15th of July.

Through her twitter account @Fracktail, she has made over 9000 Gangnam Style related puns, making use of the words "Psy", "Gangnam", "Oppa", "Style", "Sexy", "Gentlemen" and "Lady".

Some of their mashups involving Gangnam Style include:

  • Psybrid Theory album
  • Gangnam Drift
  • Crazy Psy
  • Oppa Gummy Style
  • Oppa Hamster Style
  • Gangnam Kart Sexy Circuit
  • Gangnambomber
  • What Psy's Done
  • Diggin Minecraft Angry Birds Spongebob Tumblr Fandom Nya Nya Style

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