This page will be used for requests that the users in the wiki want. The admins and others will decide if one user shall be whatever he or she requested. 


Tips on being an AdminEdit

If you want to be admin:

  • You must have contributed and edited to the wiki for a long period of time.
  • You must have responsibility and look over the wiki.
  • The user must have experience of being admin or mod on other wikis.


The wikia should become more famous. Why not creating any advertising on social network? The members of the wikia should "tell a friend", so it will grow. Then, someone could work on a better name pic for the wikia. The actual one is pretty plain, I offer myself to try to create one. Anyway, I wish to get to know the admins ASAP, because I would love collaborating directly with them. (No, anyway, I'm not trying to become a admin, I don't care that much, it would require me to have too many responsabilities. But I'd like becoming a moderator. :3)

I have a last request. Need a dispenser here.

Sincerely yours, A.J. Scout (talk) 16:28, April 28, 2013 (UTC)